Thursday, October 4, 2007

Sardines!!! - the eco-foodie-sustaina-locavore delight

I have been slightly obsessed with trying to get my hands on some fresh sardines for the last ~5 months or so.

"WHY?!?" you might ask as do most people who hear of my quest.  Well, it has to do with my interest in simple foods, low-environmental impact, and local foods.   Mostly, I got hooked by reading this blog and being inspired a bit by his approach to food which mostly matched my growing sense of food preparation that was so compatible with growing my own tasty food.

Well, I finally came across some at Whole Foods yesterday.  They only get them once every couple of months and there is no set schedule.  Here they are awaiting their fate:


Here they are awaiting their final fate:


So, after all this waiting, how were they?  Well, they tasted a lot like trout.  They had a slightly stronger flavor.  As for preparation, I simply dredged them in thyme & flour and sauteed in hot oil with scattered sea salt.  I need to bone them next time as well.  I actually need to work a bit on their preparation beforehand.  However, it was a great first attempt, and of course they "paired" quite nicely with a cold Fat Tire.

My approach needs some work before I will convince Maggie to give them a go.  :)

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