Wednesday, September 19, 2007

She's the standard-bearer

Ms. Waters, as if you didn't already know, is the leading the charge on so many of the issues that I care about with regards to food. Simple food, local food, school-yard gardens, etc., etc.

The NYTimes has a nice little profile of her on her new book tour. I haven't read it or even read much about it, but it looks cool, and it is definitely on my list now!

Here is a nice litte excerpt from the article:
It was a simple and beautiful thing.

Then she got up, sliced some peaches into a bowl with perfect late-season strawberries and blueberries she said reminded her of times she spent as a child in Maine. Over it all, she poured a syrup made by cooking down sugar, water and golden raspberries.

It was a hot day, so we headed into the air-conditioning to drink lemon verbena and mint tisane. She was sweaty, splattered and, she told me, quite happy to have been surrounded by good food all day. Because that’s how change starts.

“This kind of little gathering in the backyard is what reinforces our dedication,” she said. “That we can do something simply and easily with an unlikely group of people and all be in the same place because of the food on the table is how it happens.”

Yeah, that's pretty much the way I want my garden to go.

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