Thursday, September 20, 2007

October Gardening

I am now getting really anxious to get the front yard done. I think that the reasons speak for themselves: piles of dirt and roots - not so attractive; the thin film of dust on the front porch and front of the house is getting old; but also, I am just dying to get the veggie beds going.

This article by Barbara Damrosch (of four season gardening fame) in her weekly column is just what I need as I refocus on getting the lawn done, so that I can get the veggie beds done. I am shooting for laying sod next weekend.

What her article reminds us is that October is a great time in the veggie garden. This is especially true in Southern California, where we can happily grow veggies year round. Heck, we can even grow TOMATOES in winter. But best of all are the cool weather crops, lettuces, greens, peas (especially peas!) and other. I will be putting in garlic and shallots, but those are harvested till next summer.

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