Wednesday, August 29, 2007

First Post

Hello, this is my nth attempt to start a blog about veggie gardening, but I am SURE that this is the winner. Anyway, I have had a couple of raised beds in my front yard shown in the picture to the left. Basically, this was the only place to put the garden that didn't take up the remainder of our backyard and that had enough sun. Turns out that front-yard veggie gardens are a great way to get to know your neighbors. Not long after I did this, a bit of a big deal was made by Fritz Haeg about the entire concept of reclaiming our front yards for something other than lawns.
So, long story short, we decided to re-install our irrigation system and during the lawn removal and planning, we decided to add a second set of veggie beds. I am really excited as this will allow me to grow just about everything that I have ever wanted to grow. I will get into this later. What is funny is that just about everyone that knows us assumes that we did this with the intent of adding more "farm" to the front, but it really just started out as an attempt to fix the watering situation, which had finally devolved in May into a series of 20 foot geysers in the front yard.

This is a relatively recent picture of the disaster that my front yard was for most of the summer.

Shortly I will post pictures that show the progress that we have made, resulting in the short term in an even more disastrous looking front yard. Stay tuned!

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