Thursday, November 8, 2007

From Scratch

One of my favorite cooking activities is making very basic foods from scratch. In this case, a friend sent an article by the head chef at Coi about making butter from scratch, something that I have done before, but not well. The article was great because it gave insight into this highly regarded chef at a "super-fabulous" restaurant who didn't even know how to make butter at first.

The butter was indeed easy to make & yummy, but again, for me there is something so fundamental about making simple things. This is in line with making vinegar from leftover wine: super-yummy, super-easy; roasting coffee beans: nothing fresher; making bread; and of course, growing one's own food, especially the unusual fruits and vegetables that you could never find in a grocery store or even many farmes markets.

Often, it is decidedly cheaper to make things from scratch. Not in this case, but it is still way tastier and a lot more fun!

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