Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eat *less* Red Meat

A new study shows a pretty startling correlation between eating red meat and dying!

Apparently eating ~1/4 lb of red meat per day increased the chances of dying by 30% over the course of the 10 years of the study.  My wife and I got to talking about this, and we realized that we have gotten to the point where we are only eating red meat 2-4 times a month at most.  That was a conscious shift over a number of years to some degree, but it actually shocked me that we eat so little when I counted it up, so clearly it has become completely unconscious.  Other than In-n-Out, and an occasional steak, there is not a lot of red meat that I am dying to have.  We just don't think about it much, so yeah for us.

Of course there are a tremendous number of environmental reasons to not eat meat to consider.

Lastly, for those of you who want to know whether it is all the fats, methods of preparation, or whatnot that makes red meat unhealthy, read this book.

P.S. Chicken and Fish are just fine to eat!

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