Tuesday, November 30, 1999

I'm it

No, that is not a statement of unbridled narcissism, it is a result of having been "tagged" by one of my readers, malisa who has a blog, mostlygardening. What does this mean, getting tagged?

The Rules:
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If I was more clever, I would probably link to things that are outside of the box that I have constructed here at Frontyardveggies.com, but alas, I am not so clever. So, I am going to highlight some of the blogs on my blogroll that I think have been crucial to me in my interests in kitchen gardening:

david lebovitz (search for entry: "improve cooking" and you will find where some of my inspiration for herbs came from, though my "epiphany" on this predates reading his description.)

inpraiseofsardines.com (this is very focused on the personal journey of the chef, Bret, as he is opening a new restaurant, but the archives are filled with fantastic posts on cooking simple, regional foods from spain that are wonderfully compatible with kitchen gardening)

simplyrecipes.com (I don't go here enough, but the blog started out as one woman's attempt to catalog some favorite recipes from her mom/family and became a daily treasure of simple recipes that taste wonderful. What typically makes these recipes great are simple preparations that highlight good ingredients. Perfect for the kitchen gardener!

kitchengardeners.org (how could I almost forget!! This is a combo blog/newsletter/growing movement. The founder Roger Doiron, is doing a great job and it is fun to hear from others that are having fun growing their own food. Good resource, and they held a contest in which I placed third for this blog, so hear hear to KGI!)

6 random things

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